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I.T. Infrastructure Billing refers to the process of calculating and charging for the cost of the IT resources and services that an organization provides to its users and clients, this includes hardware, software, storage, networking, and other IT components and services that are essential to the functioning of the business.

The billing processes typically involve the collection of usage data, the calculation of charges based on pre-defined pricing models, and the generation of reports and invoices. There are various pricing models that can be used, such as:

Cost-plus pricing - this model adds a markup to the cost of the IT resources to cover the overhead costs of providing the service.

Usage-based pricing - this model charges customers based on the amount of IT resources they consume, such as the amount of storage space used or the number of network transactions.

Fixed-fee pricing - this model charges a fixed fee for access to IT resources, regardless of the amount of usage.

Moreover, customized billing software usually facilitates the recovery of costs associated with acquiring, operating, and maintaining IT resources, and to allocate these to the relevant departments or users that consume them - allowing organizations to make more informed decisions about their IT investments.